Product Designer @ Fuzz.

Web and weaving on the side.

Always up for something new.

Sometimes I take photos. Grand Tetons 2019

Sometimes I take photos. Grand Tetons 2019


Kerry Drapcho

Proper Noun / Kerr-ee Drap-show /

Product Designer, focusing on both Experience and Interface Design. Proudly hold a BFA in Graphic Design with Distinction and a minor in English Communications & Media Studies from Emmanuel College.

Have worked across product, web design, branding, front-end development, and print design: all cumulating in passion for clean layouts, solving user problems a perfectly organized production files, transcending across each medium.

Can be found at your local coffee shop, or and on her mission to find the best pizza in the city, or enjoying a glass of red in tranquility at her loom. Maybe off traveling around the world chasing her obsession of capturing photos of doors. Or maybe just dreaming about it all with her nose in a project…